About Me

Who is Busy Bun?

Hello, I’m Kels! You may recognize me as the beauty blogger on BlogSpot who exclusively talked about feathered hair extensions, as the washed up lifestyle YouTuber who went by the name Pandamoniumpink, or as the Ben and Jerry’s-pint-a-day eater on Instagram. If not, that’s probably for the best because after 8+ years of having an online presence, I’ve evolved tremendously and would prefer to leave those “versions” of myself in the past.

So which “version” of myself am I now? I’m Kels, a 25-year-old online media analyst and goat farmer, who stalks carb-loaded Instagram accounts at night and aspires to be a noodle blogger (yes, you read that right). I’m a mental health awareness advocate, a child of God, a football fanatic, a bride-to-be, a chihuahua/Italian greyhound mom, a new spin class enthusiast, and a country music connoisseur. I’m a jack-of-all-trades and a master of some, and I love public speaking and writing, even though I don’t do the latter often.

What is the The Busy Bun Blog?

As I mentioned above, I love writing but I don’t do enough of it. This blog will feature my musings, a collection of amateur DSLR pictures, and the occasional DIY post (I promise they will have nothing to do with feathered hair extensions). This space is my online scrapbook and I hope that you find whatever you’re looking for… or maybe something that you didn’t think you were looking for!

Although my URL is pandamoniumpink.com, I’m calling this space The Busy Bun Blog. Since my fiancé’s nickname for me is Bun Bun/ Bun/ Little Bun and my day-to-day schedule is always jam packed, I’ve decided that Busy Bun is the perfect online name to identify with. Do pandas and bunnies get along with one another? On this blog they do.